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  • Baseball's Sibling Rivalry

    Both the Dodgers and Giants were located in New York City from the mid-1880’s through 1957. Amazingly, both teams relocated to California in the same year, for the 1958 season. Remarkably, the Mets are actually the best example of the connection between the Giants and Dodgers. Born to replace the..

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  • TCS Research: The Forgotten Year that Shaped the NHL

    Detailing the major events of 1926 which played a pivotal role in the formation of the modern-day NHL, and demonstrating why hockey fans ought to consider what happened prior to the 1926/27 season in a separate category from all that occurred from that point onwards. ..

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  • TCS Research: Origins of the 'Redskins' Moniker

    ...I find it curious that the origins of the name never seem to enter into the debate. It’s my opinion, that a partial conclusion regarding the level of offensiveness of the name is revealed once its origins are clarified and understood. Why did the Washington Franchise choose this name?

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    CH. 1- Sharks Franchise Lineage dates back to 1961

    It’s quite possible that in all of professional sports the San Jose Sharks have the most interesting back-story. The NHL would have you believe that the Sharks are the League’s 22nd franchise and were created as an expansion team in 1991. Although I respect their official stance, this is not .....

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