Ch. 4: Sports needs more People, Less Sheeple

In the days that followed, the sickening feeling I had from witnessing the true fix in Game 7 became even worse.  I had tweeted a ton of evidence regarding the facts and stats of how this Game was fixed for LeBron and the Cavaliers, and yet there was very little attention paid to my information.  I thought at the very least the controversial information would spark a big backlash from LeBron fans.  I could not believe that 99% of fans seemed completely unaware of something that was so obvious.  Certainly for the millions of fans that didn’t see the game, the mainstream media and reporting outlets like ESPN and shows like PTI were not informing fans of the disparity in officiating and presenting the fact that the Cavs shot 16 more free throws than the Pacers in Game 7, or the fact that the Cavaliers won 4 games in this series by a combined total of 14 points, with 3 of those wins needing real help from the officials. 

But what about the fans that did watch Game 7?  How did they overlook all the brutal calls and phantom calls on Indiana?  How did they not see LeBron James acting as a boss to the referees and fail to notice the power he has over them?  

Why did no analysts mention the statistical fact that the Cavaliers were +16 in free throws, and this disparity was the most notable difference between the teams in Game 7?

Simply put, for a team to have 30 fouls against in any game, and/or a team to shoot 40 free throw attempts in a game are both so far outside the norm this should have been a big talking point.  The omission of these most critical stats by all mainstream media tells the whole story.

As I mentioned at the end of part 3, I credit Stephen A. Smith as being the only member of the mainstream media who called this game a fix with no mixed words.  Here is a link to his shockingly honest comments- watch between the 5-7 minute marks. I applaud Stephen A. Smith for his honesty.


On the other hand I lost a ton of respect for some of my sports-industry idols like Mike Wilbon, Tony Kornheiser, and Jim Rome for doing nothing but slurp LeBron for his Game 7 heroics instead of telling the true story- which is the Cavaliers would have lost this series in 5 or 6 games if not for favoritism, manipulation, and a true fix in Game 7.  When I say ‘true fix’ this is what I mean- I believe that the NBA instructed the referees who did Game 7 that under no circumstance can Indiana win this game or this series. The Cavaliers must win this game, no matter what.  


Gradually over 6 months of investigating fixing in sports the picture became quite clear- the reality is that some of my favorite sports, which I have invested my lifetime into caring about, are corrupted by greed, competition is not happening on an equal playing-field, and Leagues like the NBA go against all I believe sports/athletic competition should be about.  A famous author once said, “the answers to all of your questions is Money.”  The more I learn about the world of sports, (and the world in general), this statement becomes more and more accurate. 


The status quo in the NBA and NFL is nothing short of appalling.  (At some point I will write an article going deeper into NFL corruption.  For example, the unbelievable correlation that exists between spending Billions on a new stadium and winning on the field shortly thereafter.)  Athletics has always been my greatest passion- but true athletic competition has to happen on an equal playing field, where the referees and the League are completely unbiased.  What I have discovered about the NFL and even more so, the NBA, is entirely depressing.  

The NBA is couple steps above the WWE, and many steps short of a true, honest League of athletic competition.  With the growing trend of Super Teams, the NBA is looking more like a League comprised of 4 Harlem Globetrotter-squads and 26 Washington Generals.  There are easily 20 NBA teams that will enter next season with their entire purpose, (from the League’s point of view), to be nice sparring partners for the Super Teams, create some drama with a few meaningless wins, but ultimately bow to the Super Teams in the end.  And if one of these teams just won’t accept their role as an also-ran, they will suffer the same fate as the 2018 Indiana Pacers- fixed out of a series they earned. 

Like all Billion-dollar businesses these Leagues care most about money, not about fair competition, and are constantly trying to influence outcomes to produce the most glamorous matchups in the playoffs in order to maximize TV-viewership, thus optimizing value for their TV Network partners who spend Billions on the broadcast rights. 

Not only does this new-found knowledge of corruption in sports undermine my lifetime spent as a fan of the NFL, NBA, (and FIFA), it also undermines my university education, and more importantly, the TCS Resource & website, which I have invested well over 10,000 hours creating.  

My great ambition with True Champion Sports is to create and provide an incredibly accurate ‘Historical-Performance Resource’ of sports teams, so that we as fans can know how franchises rank versus one-another with great precision.  The unsolvable dilemma I now face is that a large portion of certain Leagues’ histories are largely compromised by evidence that bigger cities, glamorous teams, celebrity-players playing many games with an advantage, especially the most important ones.  In professional sports, close games are decided by inches and razor-thin margins; any amount of favoritism, manipulation, or fixing can easily change the outcome of a game or a series. 

All Championships in the history of the NBA and NFL need to be thoroughly investigated to determine the validity.  As a prime example in 2018, a team who deserved to lose in 5 or 6 games in the 1st round, ended up in the NBA Finals, and barely any fans seemed to notice or care. 

These corrupt Leagues will never stop manipulating or fixing games until it hurts their bottom-line.  That’s when it will change, and as a collective group of millions of fans we do have the power to change it- but the first steps are becoming informed about fixing, sharing articles like this one, being willing to speak against the mainstream flow of information, and not financially supporting greed-run Leagues by buying tickets, merchandise, etc.

There was overt fixing happening throughout the NBA Playoffs for LeBron James and the Cavaliers. The entire Eastern Conference playoffs was a masterclass by the NBA on how to take a mediocre team and navigate them to 3 series victories- at least 2 of which they didn’t earn.  As for the sweep of the Raptors, there’s real evidence that Toronto would have been up 2-1 in that series if the first 3 games were officiated evenly- with wins in Games 1 and 3.  The narrative about the Raptors being unable to beat LeBron is inaccurate.  The real narrative is that the NBA has created a fake storyline by making sure Toronto has to beat LeBron AND the referees.  Dwayne Casey should have never been fired; his team was playing uphill all series.  

 I have been baffled at the lack of others’ ability to recognize the obviousness of what is happening in the NBA, and the NFL to a lesser extent.  As a hardcore fan with my lifetime investment in sport, it was torture to watch a team who deserved to lose in the 1st round of the playoffs play in the Championship Series, while all mainstream outlets misinformed fans and did nothing but slurp the greatness of LeBron, when despite his greatness, the 2017/18 Cavaliers were a completely average team, and deserved/ earned a series loss to the Pacers.  


I’m not sure what the future holds for, and how invested I will be with continuing/ resuming to put tons of hours and effort into it.

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