Major Improvements & Additions to TCS Coming in August!

Public service announcement to the fans of


Over the next 2-3 weeks, there will be less updating of the site because we are carrying out major projects behind the scenes to improve the layout, functionality, and flow of the site.  In general, major improvements and new content will be coming soon!


As you may know by now, I am working towards what will become an important contribution to the sports community.  The site is very much still in its infancy and there is a long way to go building towards my ultimate vision.

I began working on my ‘Franchise Performance Algorithm’, (which is the heart of this site), way back in January of 2012.  Finally, after a long time searching I found the right partner to help me build TCS and Robert and I launched the website back on June 16th 2016.


Frankly, it’s been an extremely disappointing 1st year for me in terms of generating an organic following and creating a word-of-mouth effect- which we need to increase awareness and popularity of the site.

However, other than being fusterated at how long the process will take to grow TCS, I am not worried in terms of the quality of what I have created.  I believe this resource will one day matter to millions of sport fans.

In terms of my Algorithm, my goal is to eventually have my creation peer-reviewed by sport professionals, with the hope of having it validated as being by-far the most accurate way to quantify & contextualize the performance history of sport franchises.

Somewhere down the line, I will be writing a book to disclose all the math and logical that goes into the hundreds of scoring models that make up my Algorithm; which outputs a point-system that quantifies the various categories of team sport performance and results.


I definitely won’t be able to do this alone. I need help from fans who see value in what I am creating and working towards.  The biggest help of course, is financially.  If I can start making a little money the site can grow and advance more quickly. You can make a donation via this link.

But there are many ways to help that don’t involve money.  You can use your social media channels to spread the word about TCS.  Share your favorite Team Pages. Tell your friends about this website. Read the ‘About TCS’ section to better understand the vision and goal of this site.  

Or simply, visit the site often and enjoy the content  : ) .


I look forward to rolling out a new-and-improved version of TCS in waves over the next 6 weeks.



Justin Chiodo

Creator & Founder