Part 1: What's the Point of having a Salary Cap?

A few fans of the site have emailed me over the course of the NBA season asking why I never gave my take on Kevin Durant joining the Warriors. I will do so now, but first, please bear with me for a quick aside:

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Kevin Durant to the Warriors

When the move first happened last summer I was outraged.  There are many hateable aspects of Durant joining the Warriors. Before I get into the criticism of his move to Golden State, let me start by saying some positive things about KD.  From all I can tell Kevin Durant seems like a very humble, down-to-earth and likeable superstar. He also seems like an excellent teammate and is the rare superstar athlete who actually puts the good of the team before himself. 

As a basketball player, there’s no debate that he is a world-class player. I take issue with him being called a future hall-of-famer already; because I think he has a lot left to prove before that’s in-the-bag, but he has certainly been an elite player in the NBA since the 2009/10 season.


Why I hate the Durant to Golden State signing -

1) Isn't there a Salary Cap…?

The big picture issue that hasn’t gotten enough attention is what I will refer to as ‘the spirit of having a salary cap’.  One of the primary reasons a salary cap exists in professional sports leagues is to prevent the formation of “Super Teams” and ensure some level of parity.

With the fairly recent trend of the formation of Super Teams in the NBA- (beginning with Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen joining Paul Pierce in Boston for the 2007/08 season), there has been a major widening of the gap between the top few teams in the League and the other playoff teams.  

Since the NBA apparently likes this new trend of Super Teams- (as Adam Silver recently said he does not have a problem with the playoff domination by the Cavs and Warriors) - then why have a salary cap? What good is a salary cap if Golden State can afford to have 4 of the best players in the League, as well as a very talented bench?  (The same can be said about Cleveland).