About Justin Chiodo

I was born, raised, and still reside in London, Ontario, Canada. London is a very diverse city of about 360 000 people, situated 2 hours southwest of Toronto / 2 hours northeast of Detroit.

From a very early age I was enthralled with all-things team sports. My fascination was all-encompassing: the players, the teams, the geography, the evolution of the franchises over-time; small market vs. big market, the uniforms, logos, colors, traditions, fan bases, etc. All of it was for me and I loved everything sports. I also loved the athletic side of sports and have a great admiration for the athleticism of elite athletes. I played many sports growing up and still do recreationally.

I left London to attend University during the 2000s and graduated with a 4-year honors Degree in Sports Business. I also achieved a minor-degree in Philosophy during my university career.

After my educational career wrapped up, I began working full-time with Enterprise Rent-A-Car. After about 1 year, I left Enterprise to pursue my lifelong passion- Sports.

In January of 2012 True Champion Sports was born. I began with a simple, yet extremely difficult mission: create one of the world’s greatest team sports resources- Find ways to quantify and contextualize the history of team sports in a more complete and meaningful way than had ever been done before- Cover all the elements of sports I loved- the franchise histories, traditions, lineage, geography, logos, uniforms, etc.

My goal was (and still is of course), to create a resource for sports fans and constituents that will bring happiness and entertainment; and will serve as an encyclopedic tool, and be an elite source where fans can educate themselves on the leagues and teams we are so endeared to. In short, add value to the experience of being a fan and/or constituent of team sports.

I embarked on this mission over 4 years ago, and in the early days, was naive to how complex and expensive it would be to create the massive website-vision in which I was planning.

Over these past 4+ years, I have been working several low-paying jobs, to pay the bills and stay afloat while trying to buy myself more and more time for my projects. It’s been an extremely difficult grind- with plenty of soul-searching and many dark days where I wondered if I would ever be able to bring my vision to life.

What True Champion Sports is today is truly just the tip-of-the iceberg when compared to my ultimate vision and plan for TCS.com. I have created a virtual mountain of unique content that just needs my time and money to bring to life.

Welcome to True Champion Sports.


Justin Chiodo