Over the past 4.5 years, I have conducted an enormous amount of research on all-things sports. Of the dozens of resources I have consulted, there are a few that have been instrumental in helping me create True Champion Sports. I would like to recognize these resources, and extend my sincere appreciation to their owners/ operators for providing great resources for the sports community.


During my research I have used hundreds and hundreds of Wikipedia pages. I’d like to thank all of the ‘sports contributors’, who have built such a great historical database regarding sports standings year-by-year, franchise information, and the like. Wikipedia is arguably the best web-resource on the planet. - (Chris Creamer)

The majority of the logos you see on TCS have come via Chris Creamer has compiled a virtual museum of logos and uniforms that paint a beautiful picture of the visual history of sports. I highly recommend his site and am a huge fan myself. Thank you Mr. Creamer for compiling/ creating such a fabulous sports resource.

‘Sport-Reference’ Series

I’ve used the following sites extensively for research. They are great for the ‘micro’ sport data. Game-by-game logs, individual player stats- in short, wonderfully detailed and thorough.

The Gridiron Uniform Database

This is a fantastic resource that brings the visual history of the NFL to life. This site shows with a great deal of accuracy, the season-by-season evolution of each franchise’s uniforms.

WHA Uniform History

I am personally fascinated by the Leagues that were strong enough to force a merger with the established Leagues- the AAFC, AFL, ABA, and in hockey- the World Hockey Association.

Andrew Greenstein has put together a great visual resource that brings the WHA to life. Thanks Andrew!