I Need Your Help!

 Message from TCS Creator & Founder:


Dear Sports Fan,

I began working on a vision to create an unprecedented sports history resource way back in January of 2012.  Over these past 5 years, I have also been working several low-wage jobs in order to pay my bills and fund the development of this site. 

My experience with the classic entrepreneurial struggle has proven to be an extremely difficult grind- filled with plenty of soul-searching and many dark days where I wonder if I will ever be able to bring my vision to life in its fullness.


The content that presently exists on this website is just the tip-of-the-iceberg when compared to my ultimate vision/ plan for TrueChampionSports.com. I have an enormous quantity of unique content that will require my time and funding to bring to life.

Attempting to create an ‘Ultimate Sports Encyclopedia’ is a complex and expensive endeavor. Programming my ‘Historical Franchise Performance Algorithm’ is a massive project which I cannot presently afford. There are hundreds of individual scoring models that make up the totality of my Algorithm.

True Champion Sports is a one-man-show; (with the exception of my talented web-developer).


If you are an individual with the means, and see value in my work/ vision for creating a revolutionary historical sports resource, please make a financial contribution.  Your money will aid in the development of this online-resource for the enrichment of the sports community.

Thank you kindly for your consideration and generosity. 


Justin Marc Chiodo