Introducing True Champion Sports

True Champion Sports is a sports analytics resource in its infancy, specializing in “Big Picture Analytics”.

It’s most valuable creation to date is Justin Chiodo’s ‘Historical Franchise Performance Algorithm’ – which is the most detailed, comprehensive, and complex project of its kind ever conducted.

Justin Chiodo’s work accounts for all factors that influence the results of each season in a league’s history, by developing mathematical scoring models that aim to precisely quantify the various categories of performance/ results of the league’s teams. The outcome produces a wealth of data that we as fans, (and all constituents of the sport community), can use to better understand the history of team sports; and generate accurate historical standings and rankings.

Simply put, the ‘Franchise Performance Algorithm’ reduces every team-season-played down to one all-encompassing Point Total that accurately reflects the performance, results, and relevancy of the season when compared against all other team seasons.

The Franchise Algorithm exists to reveal who the 'true champion' franchises have been with razor sharp precision; providing the sport community with a multitude of measuring periods to analyze and enjoy, such as:

The Algorithm strictly focuses on the 'true' element of team sports- the on-field results, as well as the stability and traditional value of the franchises. It does not include factors such as franchise profitability, fan experience, franchise’s financial worth, and all other business facets.